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This is a completely free service. You do not need to pay any fees or charges to setup or receive new business alerts.

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Get notified quickly after a new business is listed matching your requirements.

Email Support from Customer Services

We will notify you of your preferred listings from among the thousands of new business for sale listings added every month.

Quick Response Alert to our Buyers

Within 24 hours of a matching listing being posted, you will receive an email alert from us. Good businesses get a lot of interest. Your receiving this information quickly ensures that you are able to respond the seller as soon as they come to market.

Setup Multiple Email Alerts

Setup multiple email alerts for different searches. You can setup searches for different types of businesses in a defined area, or for businesses in different areas. We allow up to 3 different alerts.

Set & Change Alert Parameters

Once your alert is setup, you can change alerts to be delivered daily or weekly. You can also use the saved alerts as searches. Visit the email alerts link after logging in to manage your alerts.

Simple Unsubscribe

Once you buy a business or do not need further alerts, simply click the unsubscribe link which comes with every email alert. This one click cancels all the new business alerts you have with This helps you by not requiring you to have to cancel multiple alerts individually.

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